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This page moved here to it's last previous location on February 18,1999,and was moved to this location on August 31,2002.I changed the bg pic to one that I modified on November 19,1999. I had added a counter on May 4,2003. I started to do some updating over a year ago on August 5,2005,and August 6,2005 but never finished the job until now as I was trying to figure out where would be the best place to move the site,and I finally figured it out for sure today so I finished updating it,and uploaded it to it's current location today December 31,2006 on New Years Eve,I figured it was about time I got that done,and everytime I thought about where to move my home page I kept coming up with Tripod,and Geocities so I settled for Tripod,my All about me home page is going to get moved here as well just probably not today after all I can only do so much with a migraine. I did get a lot of changes made to this page/site today. Last updated January 1,2007 on New Years Day,changed link for my All About Me Home Page to it's new location,and added my new Guestbook. Added link to the forum for this website that I got this week,and worked on this week,changed up/updated text on it. Last updated March 22,2008 the day before Easter. Last updated August 21,2008 some text changed not much, I also updated the Images Of Me section of this site page, and added text. Last updated December 15,2009 to change the link to my new location of my TMJ Information site since I updated it, and moved it to Tripod today, I also edited some text.

I'm really going to do better on working on getting my sites updated more often in the future, and I finally do have my updated version of my updated TMJ information site online after getting it updated, and it helps being online on wireless on my own computer instead of sharing with my parents like I had been for a year before last month. I miss my stolen computers though.

I know that picture of me I added is to big but I can't do a thing about it I got nothing to resize it with, and that part of the site does need work on it I realize that but remember I don't know html except for the basic stuff, and I pretty much figure the rest out but I am going to work on it. Besides I am in Alaska so all of that stuff with getting that picture of me resized has to wait unless I find someone to do it for me, if I can't there is no telling how long it'll have to wait. Besides my vacation in Alaska has turned in to a long vacation when I say a long one I'm not kidding I'll be here for a year at least I will be able to go home to visit but that is it it is what is best for my TMJ because I will be going through splint therapy for a year.

I have decided to make plans for all of my web pages now,& for future web pages so all of them will have a purpose,& be unique. I created a bunch of them,& I never even had most of them planned out. I know I have yet to do that with all of them but I'm not sure yet what purpose some of them will have so ideas are appreciated. I no longer create pages just to create them with out making a plan for them. I do have a TMJ Journal on one of those Journal blog things on the internet that goes in to my experience with it,when I know for certain what one is best to serve my purpose out of the ones I have for it I'll link it. A year I started a TMJ AKA TMD Journal ML,that goes into my daily detail of my experience,haven't sent many issues out yet but I don't have many members yet,and until I do I won't be sending out every single day,I am working on creating a site for it to put on the internet only thing is I have no ideas for the site,yet I'll be posting the issues I've sent so far,and the ones I send after sending them on the site once I get it created,and on the internet,it's really important to me just as important as my TMJ info site as it is very important to me to get the information on severe TMJ out there is,and it seems to be the only way for me to make the information available,and I feel that this is something that God wants me to do,I think it's the reason why I'm going through the TMJ pain I go through. I'm still going to start a Christian ML eventually,it's a newsletter type with important issues,and stuff that I feel God is wanting me to start so I will once I have more than 1 member,and it'll be called Heaven Bound named after the only Christian rap song I even like that is one of my favorite songs.

Name and Location:

Donna Lee's Home Page

Hobbies and Interests:I am 39 years old. My birthday is in July. The 26th of July to be exact. There is a lot more about me on my all about me home page. I am interested in a lot of things,and my interests have changed quite a bit in the past 6 years. I do love watching TV,playing games,board games,card games,computer games,Game Boy Advance,GBA SP,Nintendo DS,I love doing things on my computer,watching Sailor Moon,being creative with graphics,making stuff out of plastic canvas,and making keychains,bracelets,necklaces,and stuff with pony beads,and metallic cord,and plastic lace too,reading books,and fan fiction,writing stories,poetry,and fan fiction,going to church,in fact I hate having to miss church especially Sunday School so unless I'm sick I never miss Sunday School but if I'm in to much pain I will go home afterwards or call home afterwards,Sunday nights,and Wednesday nights when I don't go it's always because I'm in to much pain,I also love to learn just as much as when I was a kid,I always enjoyed school still do. I would like have to be in extremely severe pain to miss church or to call home,although the past 2 years I haven't done much of that because I'm afraid of feeling alone by missing,and not going,and I'd rather not go through that. I do love to draw,and color. I am really good at graphics as you'll notice by looking at the background on this page,and my all about me home page.

My most favorite things are Sailor Moon,Yugioh,Voltron,Nurse Angel Ririka,Fushigi Yuugi,Card Captor Sakura,Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar,Fancy Lala,Tenchi Muyo,21 Jump Street,my childhood favorite Chips,&my childhood favorite cartoon Scooby Doo. I used to be interestedin Power Ranger's but I recently found out that I no longer seem to be interested in although I always enjoyed watching it. In fact Power Rangers was a favorite thing before Sailor Moon was something you aren't interested in any more. The samething goes for Beetleborgs. I still have an interest in VR Troopers. I will still send out my Power Ranger's ML any way maybe since I lost my member list when my computer crashed in April of 2000. Besides I think that my interest started to go before I started the ML right after they showed Passing The Torch episode,and I lost heart in watching it because my favorite Power Ranger was taken out. I did lose interest in Power Rangers yet I only watched Power Rangers Wild Force do to nothing else being on but it hold my interest why I'm not sure,Ninja Storm did somewhat but not that much,Power Rangers Dino Thunder seems to hold my interest,my favorite is back too but I think the Sentai shows are so much better after seeing the episode where they watched an episode of one. Besides Power Rangers Dino Thunder even has it's continuity problems. I'm so not thrilled with Power Rangers SPD,when it comes to continuity problems it has a lot like what all happened between Power Rangers Dino Thunder,and SPD,it's way to futuristic,if it wasn't so futuristic it would be fine,it's obvious that the main characters weren't even the 1rst SPD Power Rangers that is a major continuity issue next to the futuristic one,not like I didn't see the continuity stuff back when my interest was totally there with all of PR,I'd say that's part of why I lost interest,why I love Sentai shows,and anime so much more no continuity problems with them at least not as much with the anime that has continuity issues. 21 Jump Street was used to be the only decent program on FX but it is no longer on FX now. 21 Jump Street was the mainreason I watched FX actually. I got a lot of the episodes recorded on video tape before it was taken off. FX is just as bad as FOX after all it is owned by FOX,and so is 21 Jump Street. Actually FX is a lot worse than Fox is.

After all my age gets questioned a lot because I'm 39,and still treated like a kid,and not just online either but offline too just not as much online. Don't question my age for that reason,and just because I don't have the interests of a 39 year old doesn't mean I'm not 39 years old. I know I sure don't fit in with most people my age but I don't care. If your close to my age,and you have my interests feel free to talk to me. It would be nice to have friends my age with my interests. It would be nice to know that some people my age love to play games, & stuff like I do. My needs finally changed from those of a Youth to those of a Young Adult but my interests are the same,& I have this need to be with Young Adults in there 20's not close to my age at church now. It's been 7 years since I moved out of the Youth Group at church. It's also been 7 years since my needs started to change a lot on me,and it's taken a lot of getting used to,and even now it still takes some getting used to. Like wanting to be around young adults is still so new to me,yet I am finding some I can talk to with ease but socializing with young adults are adults in general is something I got to learn how to do,socializing with them online is real easy though offline is difficult unless it's certain people. Kids on,& offline sure do like me,& want to be my friend.

I love talking to kids of any age,I don't care about age,interests are what really count not age. Even so I'd love to have young adult friends,my friends are mostly kids,and teenagers,some early 20's not many. I hate how kids won't talk to me because of my age,that's so unfair when I love talking to them. Most my age are so mean to me online,haven't really been around hardly any offline just one,and he's autistic,and is a lot like me but his family moved away.

This page is 11 years old,I can't believe it's been that long since I created my very first web page online in AOL or that it's been over 11 years since I first came online,this page was on AOL to start with,and I didn't know a thing about creating sites when I created it. It was the 1st or 2nd page I ever created on DonnaALee when I had that sn on AOL before I moved it. I created it,& Anime T.V. Favorites Page at around the sametime. I know I created it before I got my cat in early summer 98 who passed away March 19,2008 in the morning. I do have a few plans for my Sailor Moon page on fortunecity. I do plan to turn my Anime T.V. Favorites Page in to the page I had it planned to be. I did this page almost 11 years ago. It was my 2nd page I created about the same time as this one. I've decided if I do a TV fan fiction page it would be an archive of fan fiction by a lot of different people so it wouldn't be just for mine as it was planned but if so I don't know if it will happen in the near future or not as I have so many pages to put a purpose in to,& I don't want to create more with no purpose but I only did all the ones I have to keep myself busy,& once I started I couldn't stop myself. This section here was just added Tuesday April 13,1999.
My List Of AIM/AOL Instant Messenger Known Screen Names Link: My List Of My Known AIM/AOL Instant Messenger SN's/Screen Names
This way you'll know what to IM me on if I'm not on 1 AIM name I'm on the other. I know that I do need to seriously update this list. I'll be making a list of my known ones for Yahoo Messenger,and MSN Messenger to add in the future,and I plan on doing that in the near future.

Link To A Text File:
Why I'm So Happy Now What I Learned On Easter Text Of It
Why I'm So Happy Now What I Learned On Easter HTML Of It

I did finally find a way to add that Pokemon background picture that I fortunately didn't lose in my computer crash that I had on 2 computers 9 years ago I think it was that I love,and think is so cute of Pikachu to the html version,all I did was copy,and paste the html from other parts of my site. I know that most of what that file is about took place 10 years ago if I remember right,it was like my first Easter at my current Church,I keep it posted on here so I don't forget that experience,and as a reminder of it.

Here is a poem that I made up about online friends:
Online Friends Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

HTML Version Of Poem: Online Friends Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

Here is a poem that I made up about Emotional Scars:
Emotional Scars Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

HTML Version Of Poem: Emotional Scars Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

Here is another poem I made up about Being Lonely that is about what it's like to be lonely:
Being Lonely Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

HTML Version Of Poem: Being Lonely Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

My poem that I wrote titled The Guy Of My Dreams:
The Guy Of My Dreams Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

HTML Version Of Poem: The Guy Of My Dreams Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

My Christian Poem: God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle Everything Happens For A Reason Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

HTML Version Of Christian Poem: God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle Everything Happens For A Reason Poem Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum

I have written a total of 61 poems in all. I will be posting my other poems up on the internet on my page in the future. Only problem is my poems have been misplaced,& I have to find them. I hope I haven't lost all of my poems,I found what I had put in my poetry blank book but it is most of them just not all of them,no telling what happened to them. I write poems when I have inspiration for them. I wrote my very first poem when I was in elementary school. The name of my first one is Night,and I came up with the poem from a children's book. Some of my friends have seen my poems. When I was younger,and wrote notes for my friends I would sometimes put a poem in it. All people who have seen my poems even my parents love my poems. I want to put them on the internet for everybody to see them. It is going to take time to get them all typed up in text files. I would love to know what you think of my poems that I have posted on this page. I want to know if you think that my poems are good are not. I do hope to be able to add the rest of my poems to the page in the near future. I have decided to create a new page to be a part of this site for my poems,& once it's created I'm moving my poems to that page but it will only be linked to this page,& my all about me home page. I have 2 new poems that I created recently one is called Cats I wrote it like I think it was 5 days before my cat passed away,and I was thinking of how much I love him as I wrote it,and now the poem is in memory of him,and I also wrote a poem about how much my cat Fred means to me to help me to feel better about his death,and I will be doing a section on my all about me home page totally devoted to my deceased cat in memory of him.

Below is this pages message board/forum so be sure to visit it,and post something in it.

Message Board Section: Talkative World

I still got to work on Friendship World before I can add it here.

My Guestbook:

Sugar Plum's/Donna's Guestbook

This is where my image part of my site is now on a seperate page. The Link To My Image Section Of My Site:

Donna Lee's Home Page Images Section Of Site

My Other Web Pages Link Section:

My Anime TV Favorite's Programs Page will have a link for it put up when I am done updating it,and have it up on another location,and have it ready,when that time comes you will be seeing the link here instead of this text.

Sailor Sugar Plum's Non Mature Anime Fan Fiction Page

I do want this page to be a real good unique anime fan fiction page by doing something unique for non mature anime only besides I won't post any mature anime fan fiction on my page unique or not. It needs people to submit anime fan fiction to be posted on it. Not just mine. I changed the name on this page to Sailor Sugar Plum's Non Mature Anime Fan Fiction Archive. I got to update it soon but I may have to totally do the site over from scratch to get rid of that html mistake I made though since I can't figure out how to undo that mistake,I tried to fix the mistake but it wouldn't work.

The Tuxedo Mask,Sailor Pluto,and Sailor Saturn

I am working on getting more done with this page. I already have some of what I have planned done but still more work to be done. I plan to put the Tuxedo Mask bg pictures I created along with the Tuxedo Mask wall paper pictures I created along with my favorite Tuxedo Mask pictures on the Tuxedo Mask section of the page,to put the Sailor Pluto bg pictures I created along with the Sailor Saturn wall paper pictures I created along with my favorite Sailor Pluto pictures on the Sailor Pluto section of the page,to put the Sailor Saturn bg pictures on the Sailor Sailor Saturn section of the page,to put the Sailor Saturn bg pictures I created along with the Sailor Saturn wall paper pictures I created along with my favorite Sailor Saturn pictures in the future when I get more done to it.

My Sailor Moon,Robotech,and Anime Mailing List Page
I will still be doing my ML's,and sending them out but I need more members for them in order to send them out though.

Power Rangers Sendings
Power Rangers ML page. I still have the ML,although my interest is totally gone,and I'm totally stuck on my PR fan fiction stories.

Sugar Plum's Main Sailor Moon & Magic Knight Rayearth Page

When I have my page devoted to Sailor Star Fighter uploaded,& ready I'll put up a link to it,I just got to figure out where I'm going to put the site up at first.

My All Out Sailor Moon Page

Sailor Time's Awesome Anime Page

I will be adding the link to my other anime page at it's current location when I'm done working with the site.

Sailor Star Fighter's Sailor Moon Gallery Page

I may do something different with this page though. I do have a Sailor Star Fighter Sailor Moon site,& when I have it uploaded somewhere I'll link it.

Going to recreate my Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Archive,although it is possible that the one I already have on Tripod could be turned in to it,I'm not sure,I got to put a purpose in to that Sailor Moon site still,and have yet to decide what to do with it.

Donna Lee's All About Her Home Page

Has a lot of things about me on it,even has a picture of my deceased cat Fred on it. I just got to add a counter to it yet again.

Donna's TMJ Temporor Mandibular Disorder Information Page

I finally got it updated, and uploaded it to Tripod today, and changed the link to it's new location although it is still up at it's other location unfortunately I can't delete it there with out my account info, and no way to recover it.

My Friend's Web Pages Links:

The PQ Angels Intro & Info Site
Small Lady & Elios: A Match Made in Manga
Stephanie's Anime Fan Fiction Collection
Energetic Heartbeats: Shoujo Anime, Manga, Video Gaming, and Japanese Drama 4 Girls

You really should check out my friend Stephanie's web pages she does a good job with them not just because she's my friend.

I do know this much,and it is being lonely isn't any fun. I think that I may have already been lonely for a long time but never realized it until Saturday 3 weeks before Easter. That would be 3 weeks before the Easter over 8 years ago of course. I know enough about true friends now that I have made a poem about that. I've also learned how to distinguish between true friends,& false friends so I won't make the same mistakes in the future.

Link To One Of My Favorite Sights
"CHiPs" Online

Once I have my Anime TV Programs Favorite's Page updated,and back up on the internet online again you will be able to find a lot of other links to everything I like on it,thing is I got a lot of outdated links on it to take care of it but I have big plans for that site. Even when I get that done I'd have to figure out where to put it.

Let me know what you think about my page. Send mail to any of these email addresses:


Donna Ann Lee.

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Donna A Lee.

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Sugar Plum Shining Friendship.

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Sugar Plum Chan.

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Hotaru Tmoe.

Also Here:

Hotaru Tmoe

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Donna Ann Lee.

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Sugar Plum Ann.