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Sugar Plum's TMJ Migraine Type Headache Info Page

I'm 39 years old,& I have suffered from migraine headaches for almost as long as I have had trouble with my TMJ/Temporor Mandibular Disorder/TMD commonly known as TMJ but this page is about the TMJ headaches that feel so much like a migraine you can't even tell them apart.  I lately mostly have TMJ migraine type headaches that are caused by my TMJ when I have one.  At times a TMJ migraine type headache can be so bad your vision is so blurred you can't even see much of anything.  The medicine you take for a migraine headache can help a TMJ migraine type of headache.

I had a list on Yahoo Groups formerly Egroups for people with TMJ who also suffer from migraines headaches but there was no participation,& hardly anyone besides myself was even on the list,it got deleted by Yahoo Groups do to inactivity,I did recreate it but samething happened again although I have that forum linked on the main part of my site.  I do know that a TMJ type migraine can include your teeth,face,neck,& your whole head.  When you tend to have trouble with one jaw bothering you like myself at times it's a one side of the head headache,& can go all the way down to your leg so I noticed.

What you shouldn't ever do when you have a headache,& Somethings You Should Do When You Have A Headache

  1. Never go on the computer with a headache as it can make it worse. Boy do I ever know about that since I have an old habit of being on the computer all day everyday with no breaks but I no longer have that habit entirely but it's hard not to want to be though.  My Physical Therapist always got on to me about being on my computer like that because it wasn't helping my headaches when I used to go to Physical Therapy.  
  2. Being on the computer can cause a headache.
  3. Unless you have a real bad headache don't let it stop you from going places.  I sure don't missed my friends enough in the past by doing that,& I regret it too.
  4. If your head is hurting so bad it hurts to be on the computer you should leave the computer,& take care of your headache.  I've learned my lesson, even so it don't mean it always stops me from staying on when my head hurts bad but when it's severe, and hurts to look at it I won't stay at it though.

Donna's TMJ Information Page

I have a text file on this subject on my TMJ Info Page that I will link to here too.  This page is only going to be linked from my TMJ Info Page.  I created this background picture myself.  I used a picture I have that goes with the color in the background.

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