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Donna's TMJ Information Page

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This page created in December 23,1998. Doug did all this on my page the way it looks so different,&all on December 25 ,2001. Still under construction. Not everything is on here yet. It was hacked by the same person who did it this way on May 25th,&I was able to put it back up to recreate what he did with it but the picture is different now I created the banner for my site myself. I did add my new TMJ Talk Forum. Last updated on June 14,2002. I added my Guestbook back. Last updated on June 15,2002. Last updated on September 24,2002 in the morning,changed an internet address to a site of mine, and added the address for the other location of my home page. Last updated on June 26,2003 in the morning corrected a mistake,changed email link,added an email link,took out a link,I also updated Hobbies,& Interests,&I also updated my page having to do with TMJ Migraine type headaches part of this site. Last updated on August 17,2004 in the evening. I changed the location section text up since this page will be back on AOL again,added text,edited text,changed name from Hobbies,& Interests to something more suited (About My TMJ,Migraines, And Interests), and I updated that section of the site,I updated the email links,changed some to other email accounts I have,I also added some. Last updated on August 19,2004 in the afternoon. Changed email links again,fixed a mistake that won't be seen as I hadn't uploaded it between updates, and I never uploaded it after it got updated last in 2004 because I couldn't get logged in to my account the sites on since the email it's registered under got changed, after it was hacked previously, and I think my online enemy obviously hacked it, and changed the email for it back then. I didn't get around to getting this done before now because I had to many problems with resources to get this done on my desktop computer, and I couldn't get online on my previous lap top computer to upload this. I didn't have this updated file in my possession in Alaska until June, and I had no html editors on my parents computer to use. I'm on my own computer now, and I do have an html editor to use. Last updated on December 15,2009 at 12:23PM Alaska time, probably 3:23PM Central time.

I started a TMJ Journal ML (Mailing List)/Zine(samething,no difference really just a different name),I prefer to use ML because it's better to call it that than to call it a zine,that goes in to my daily experience with it that I send out,right now it's supposed to be sent out almost daily, I will do that once I get a new member list since I lost the one I had. I will be working on a web page for my TMJ Journal ML,and when I have it created it will be put on the internet on the same place as this site I think. I'm going to do a TMJ Journal on 1 of my Journal accounts not that I have that many of them,I had planned even started one on Easy Journal but I lost my password but I don't remember what email I registered with,and unless I can figure out what one I did that with I won't be able to get it,I didn't write it the password for it down, like I didn't already start one somewhere else but I don't keep up with that TMJ journal at all.

The updates aren't quite finished yet, and I found a way to save the background image to my computer, and got it uploaded, and I got all of the links on here fixed now, I think I pretty much have everything taken care of now, I don't think I forgot anything, I hope not.

Will add TMJ essay after I have gotten it all typed up in a text file after I get it written since I know how to do an essay now, it'll be my first essay. I learned how to do an essay in the GED class at the ILC (Independant Living Center) when they still had the class, I had lost the paper for the essay that I was going to do with the outlines for it at home because of my cousins but I found it in June when at home, and I brought it to Alaska with me but I still have yet to write it but I'm not sure of the folders location right now, and I need that out line to do it. I have 2 files linked to this page right now. I do plan to put links on here to web pages that have info on it. I just can't just yet since I don't have hardly any. I didn't mean to not update this page in so long. I will update more often now that I have this page on Tripod since I lost the pw info for 0catch, and some how the email address it was registered under got changed, and it's not one of the emails I have so I can't get it back so that's why I never got this updated version uploaded, and why I can't delete it on 0catch, and why I chose to put it on my Tripod account.

Click links below to browse information on this website:

About My TMJ,Migraines,And Interests
The About My TMJ,Migraines, And Interests section hasn't been updated recently, and I'm not feeling up to it at this time with my headache.

These are the 2 files that I have on here so far. The TMJ Awareness Month one I saved off of the TMJ newsgroup.

My 15 year experience with TMJ

Not all of my TMJ experience in it yet but I plan to add the rest of those years in it in the future. Hasn't been updated since I typed it up, and unfortunately I don't remember all the details either to put everything in that file. I'm going to put everything about my last TMJ flare up, my longest one, and most painful flare up, and how it ended, and everything about my Splint treatment in another text file, and post it on here.

TMJ Awareness Month (November)

TMJ Migraine Headaches

Here is the link to the TMJ newsgroup:

TMJ Message Boards/Forums Section:

Sugar Plum's TMJ AKA TMD Talk My TMJ Forum for this site.

Link to my page having to do with TMJ Migraine type headaches:

Sugar Plum's TMJ Migraine Type Headache Information Page

Another thing about this page is it also shows things that I learned in the computer class when I was in it like creating it in an html editor.

.My Guestbook: Sign Guestbook View Guestbook code: View Guestbook Tell me what you think of my site,and sign my Guestbook.

TMJ Related Links:

A real good site with info on TMJ. I'll add a link to my home page here til I get the links page created:

Donna Lee's Home Page

My All About Me Home Page here til I get the links page created:

Donna Lee's All About Me Home Page

I changed the link to it's new location since I had to move it because Talk City closed down, 2nd time I've had to move this site, I changed the link to it's current location, I moved it again because everytime I uploaded my Christian poem it got deleted but it is still up at it's previous location though.

I don't know html. I just look at the html on the page when I edit it in an html editor,and figure it out by the html already on the page.

Let me know what you think about my page. Send mail by clicking any of these email addresses but make sure if you email my AOL one,also applies when you send to my lycos email linked that you email it to another email as well:


Sugar Plum.

Donna Ann Lee.

Donna A Lee.

Sugar Plum.

Sugar Plum.

Sugar Plum Chan.