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Welcome To My Anime Forums Links Page

My Anime Forums:

Yugioh Talk
My Yugioh forum. You come here to talk about the anime Yugioh,you can talk about other anime,and stuff but Yugioh is the main focus of the forum. I still got a lot of work to do with this forum,I haven't finished making the forums,and categories yet but it is ready for the public.

Sailor Moon Yugioh
My Sailor Moon,Yugioh forum. You can come here to talk about both anime Sailor Moon,and Yugioh,you can talk about other anime,and stuff but Sailor Moon,and Yugioh are the main focus of the forum. I have a lot of work yet to do on this one I haven't even gotten started on it yet but this isn't one isn't quite ready for the public but it will be in the near future.

Non Mature Anime Talk
My Non Mature Anime forum,it is for all non mature anime,if it's adult anime or is to violent it can't be discussed on this forum at all,and if I can't handle the anime it can't be discussed either. It has forums on it,and PHPBB3 has me totally confused,and I have no idea why the forums I created aren't showing up or what to do about it.

Anime Manga Otaku
Anime Manga Otaku

My non mature anime manga forum, created it because I can't do a thing with Non Mature Anime Talk when I don't have my pw, and don't know what email I used for it, and it needed a better name.

Hotaru's Magical Girl Anime World
My magical girl anime forum.

Yugioh Otaku
My other Yugioh forum that won't get deleted due to inactivity like my other one did once. You come here to talk about the anime Yugioh, you can talk about other anime, and stuff but Yugioh is the main focus of the forum. I have a lot of work to do it on it still, I only created some of the categories, and forums, and Seita is helping me on my forum when he has the time with the color theme, and stuff he's my only staff, and only member but then I have hardly told anyone about it yet.

The Yugioh Dueling Corner
My new forum, just created it, it's still got a lot of work yet to be done, I just came up with the idea, and went with it. It's different from my other Yugioh forums way different. I fixed the link to this forum, I noticed the mistake I made, fixed it, and I have done a lot on it even.

I still got to create Sailor Moon World again,then there is Tokyo Mew Mew Talk, Card Captor Sakura World, and Mega Man World that is if I'm going still to do that. When it comes to Pokemon Talk I'd add it but I can't log in to my account. Sailor Moon Talk is for my Sailor Moon site on Tripod,and is linked on that site only since it's for that site only,and serves the purpose of that site,and of trying to find out what people think of that site,that's why I have a need for Sailor Moon World that has to be created again. I'll be adding a link for Fantasy Galaxy, Imagination Island, and Imagination Talk on another forum links page of mine when it's created. I would love to get my forums active.

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Hotaru Tmoe.


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