About My Classes At The Center Over The Years
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I do go to classes at the Independant Living Center,no matter what I almost never miss Arts,&Crafts class,used to be once a month every month but now it's only during the school year not the summer months,I used to be in ABE class I learned a lot in that class I never learned in high school about Math in Special Ed even some stuff about English like about a Preposition,and Prepositional phrases,I also used to be in ADL every year to at 1rst for a long time at the center,I also while in those 2 I used to be in Office Skills class,and while in it I refreshed my memory on what I learned about typing but it got to where the typing sound hurt my ears,and I had to drop out of the class but then because of low on funds it got to where you could only be in one class so I had to choose between them,and computer class so I chose computer class so I was in that one year,and then 3 years ago I was back in that class again but 2 years ago is when I got in the GED class at the center so I can work towards my GED,and I learned that I need to go over how to reduce fractions to lowest terms again because I had kind of forgotten,plus Math is my worst subject,and I'm stuck in fractions,I learned how to do an essay,but I didn't go year before last school year only went to Arts,& Crafts class because of the bad jaw pain,and strong pain medicine,and I ended up not getting to last year either except for Arts&Crafts class too.  

I got to get a GED so I can get a job because all I have is that certificate of education that a person who was in Special Ed gets that means nothing,and just says that I went to school for twelve years.  I enjoy going to classes at the center,and being involved at the activities there that's why I won't go on trips that would make me miss out on that,and accomplishing my goals,my dreams.  My reason for even being in ADL was so I could learn how to take care of myself learn how to cook,sow,and stuff like that,so I'd know how to do that stuff when I'm on my own.  Sure I can heat stuff up in the microwave,was shown how when I was a kid,I know how to use our new microwave too it's a push button one,mom finally taught me how to wash my clothes around I think it was like 6 years ago or something like that so I can do that.

Currently as in this school year I'm not only in Arts&Crafts class but I'm back in ABE,&ADL class again the Tuesday class,and it's great to be back in my classes again,and to get to see my friends again,and see some friends more often,and to see my bestfriend from high school in class,and to be able to become close with her once again. Yeah I have been going to class in severe TMJ pain even but so far no trouble concentrating on the work so no problems yet,and I hope it stays that way,of course I'd rather it didn't stay easy as that gets boring for me,but right now I'm having fun in class but I always have fun learning because to me school is lots of fun but then I love to learn.