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This 1rst picture here was taken with the computer camera,and was taken when I still used Windows 3.1 my first computer,and the computer in this picture is Windows 3.1. I think it was taken in early winter 98. [IMAGE]

This is a more recent picture of me the last portrait of me,and I'm wearing my 3rd pair of glasses in this picture,my 1rst pair of red glasses they aren't the same glasses I have now. [IMAGE

This one here is the other picture in the same portrait. Both this picture,and the one before or when I used to wear make up all the time. I do still hate most make up but there is some make up I like that I will wear the kind of lipstick that feels good that I like the feel of,and makes me feel like I want to wear it. [IMAGE]

The last picture of me is a pretty recent picture of me it's over a year old now, I'm not wearing my glasses in it because I neglected to put them on for the picture,I'm near sighted,I can see things close up without my glasses just can't see thing at a certain distance without my glasses,I love wearing my glasses. The picture was taken for the church directory,the one in the directory has a blue background. If it wasn't obvious from some of my pictures of me red is 1 of my favorite colors.

Since I now have a digital camera that I got for Christmas one year over a year ago, once I learn how to use it I should be able to get a more recent picture of me on my computer,I just don't know when that will be since I don't know how long it will take to learn how to use it. Although now I won't have to wait until then to get a more recent picture of me online because I left on July 15th to go on vacation to Alaska to visit my parents, and I will give all of the details on that on either this/my home page or my All About Me Home Page so Daddy scanned in a recent picture of me that was taken at my Church at home the Sunday before I left, and the shirt in the picture is my Camp Smile t-shirt for this year. I also got this picture on my Pic Tiger account.


I happen to really love that picture a lot, and I'm wearing one pair of my current glasses in it, and my other pair would be my red glasses, I got 2 pair, and there my 5th pairs of glasses, I had my 4rth pair for over 6 years, and I love my glasses a lot. Eventually I will put those pictures of my friends, and I up that are on my computer at home too but I can't right now since my computer is at home, and those pictures are on it, and aren't with me.