Year Written: 2000

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God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle Everything Happens For A Reason Written By Donna Ann Lee aka Sugar Plum
God never gives you more than you an handle.  Everything happens for a reason.  You may not know how to handle something but you can handle it just not always the way you should handle it,&you can learn how to handle something.  There is a right way,& a wrong way to handle something but it's always best to handle it the correct way.  You should follow correct advice on how to handle something.  You should handle whatever God gives you to handle not avoid it as avoiding it makes it worse.  Don't follow just anybody's advice not even legal advice since it could be wrong advice,& lead to things happening that should have never happened at all.  Be cautious of how you handle things since handling something the wrong way might cause problems for you,& everyone involved.  Always apologize to the person when you handle something the wrong way,& the person is hurt by it.  One good way to handle problems is to go to the person your having problems with no one else not even the parents/guardian by not including the person involved.