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I am 34 years old. I have TMJ. My TMJ is severe the medium level of severe TMJ used to be medium degree until 4 years ago,and it started out mild. I suffer with it everday I have any jaw pain,and it is very hard to go through this amount of pain. If you want to know more about me be sure to visit my home page,and my all about me home page. 10 years ago when I had my most longest TMJ flare up ever we went to physical therapy since it was the only option,and it is what ended that flare up. Talking about my longest flare up singing is what caused it. I am lucky that I am able to sing at all now. I was giving up hope that I would ever sing again when I found out that if I don't open my mouth to wide when I sing it won't cause my TMJ any problem but now when my jaw pain is at it's worst pain wise to the point it hurts to open my mouth to do a thing even talking it can cause a problem though yet again I'm not able to sing if I do it puts me in major pain. Most people who have it like I do aren't able to sing,and the one person that I met,and talked to her out in the foyer since I had to stay out there after taking my pain medicine during church,and she told me that she had TMJ,and after I told her that I also had TMJ she told me about her experience,that she had trouble with hers for 6 years before it got better but she does still have flare ups,and that was when I used to go to a different church,& I lost touch with her but she goes somewhere else too. She gave me the encouragement I needed to make it through that flare up. It started in March,and didn't end until August. 3 years ago I had an almost 3 month long TMJ flare up but it finally ended.

I happen to hate taking pain medicine but not as much as I did since it no longer makes me nauseas just exhausted all the time. Sometimes on days I take the 30mg ms contin close to Noon or around Noon it'll make me nauseas. Glad it's not all the time. Besides eventually I'll have to start taking my strongest pain medicine everyday,once the 20mg oxycontin runs out I sure will because it's not covered now,and is to expensive but my other pain medicine is covered although it don't look like it'll happen any time soon as I haven't taken as much of it as I have of the 30mg ms contin. Only thing is the 30mg ms contin makes me to exhausted,somedays I manage to stay awake,some I can't stay awake,what'll happen when I take it is to unpredictable just as unpredictable as my TMJ is. But I do have to have someone to sit with on Sunday mornings in church when I take the 30mg ms contin just in case. For me yawning is not something I enjoy doing,it maybe better than falling asleep especially in church but it can sure hurt my jaw when in bad jaw pain,and it hurts to open my mouth,or I open it to wide.

I was in a lot of pain the week I went to Camp Smile in July 8 years ago but almost 5 years ago in July when I went to Camp Smile I had to come home on the 3rd day sick. A lot of the time I have to stay home from my classes at the center,and home from church do to being in pain from my TMJ well that is used to since I quit missing out on things because of my pain. I have had to miss my offline friends a lot do to my TMJ but 4 years ago I started seeing my friends at church more often but it ended for a period of time,and I wasn't able to summer 3 years ago except my friends at Camp do to severe pain. It has to do with my being so lonely. That is part of why I'm so lonely.

I have a good reason for doing this site,my TMJ Journal ML,my TMJ Journal ML web page,and my TMJ Journal I'm going to do,that reason is to help get the information on TMJ out there to make it available to people like me who really need the info so they can find it,and be able to read about it,especially beyond mild TMJ,I really would have loved to have been able to have found something like this so I could read up on what all is beyond mild TMJ what all is beyond all the info that is available that I did read. I just know that my TMJ keeps getting worse with almost every flare up of pain,that mine is the medium degree of severe TMJ. What I know about severe TMJ I was never told about a lot of it,I had no idea how painful it could be so most of my learning about severe TMJ has been done from my own experience,that's what made me want to do this site because it's so hard not knowing a thing of what's to come,when I was experiencing what I knew it was a lot easier on me. The person I know who has it bad I knew from where I used to go to church who no longer goes there now,and I lost touch with her but she encouraged me during my last long flare up that used to be my longest flare up until now. My longest flare up just made it to 8 months,and hasn't ended yet.

My TMJ just keeps on getting more painful with almost every flare up, and it is so hard on me. Even so it's how I'm learning about it,how I want to learn though. I don't have support to help me through mine. I have yet to learn to live with it. I used to cry over the pain. I always treasure my pain free days that almost never happen lately.